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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bilingual Education: Possible Activity Ideas

This year, I am aiming to complete my Post Graduate Diploma in TESSOL (Teaching English in Schools with Speakers of Other Languages).  It is an area of study that I am quite passionate about.  I would strongly recommend this course to any teacher/support worker/principal/other to take up the opportunity to complete this if the course is ever offered to you.  It is practical and VERY worthwhile.  I believe my practice has 

Tonight, as part of the EDPROFST 376 paper:  Bilingual Education:  Models and Theories, we were asked to brainstorm and sort on a continuum of 'the least you could do as a school' to 'the most you could do as a school' - activities that would help to acknowledge, empower and promote bilingual learners in your school.  This is the continuum that the group I was a part of created.  Can you suggest any other ideas?  Are there things you are doing in your school that you could share?

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