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Monday, 24 March 2014

Maths Observation

Today I was fortunate enough to observe Aireen Ah-Kui model a maths lesson for me.  The lesson focussed on subtraction in parts with a group of students transitioning from Stage 5 to Stage 6 in Add/Sub.

There were many things that I took away from this lesson.  Some things that I noted down in my observation notes were:
  • The structure of the lesson:
    • Knowledge Check
    • Diagnostic Question
    • Strategy Teaching
    • Practice
    • Reflection
  • The Reflection time at the end was most significant because it was in this time that students articulated the WALT and from this, as a teacher, you could see clearly who learnt what and who would need extra support for the next lesson.
  • I really enjoyed the way Aireen used student names and fun items that were ‘bought’ in the written questions. 
  • I liked the way Aireen got the students involved in writing their strategy in the modelling book. A really good thing is to notice the student having a hard time, and getting them to draw the strategy to see where exactly they are having the problems. 
  •  A really interesting thing I noticed was the way students were correcting where others went wrong, but in a way that was respectful and the discussion was learning based - no one felt shamed. 
  •  I liked the way you monitored which students would need support and with what through recording simple 'codes' in the modelling book.  Also, the recording of student responses using the 'Answer Balloon.'
  • A really great strategy was printing off the questions and sticking them in the modelling book - saving time from writing the questions.
We are so fortunate to be in a school environment that allows for us to have modelling/peer coaching sessions such as these.  No matter how good you are at teaching, there is always something to take away when you see a fellow colleague in action.  

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