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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Changing Education Paradigms

Discussing deficit thinking with a colleague, and decided to youtube search videos about deficit thinking - this video came up within the top 5 search hits.  Definitely worth a watch...

Key ideas I took away from this video:
  • There are smart people and non-smart people - or people who are really, rather brilliant, who have been made to believe they are 'non-smart' because they did not achieve in the traditional academic sense of the word - they have been judged against 'this particular view of the mind.' 
  • We are at an age in Education, where we are trying to uphold what means most to cultures, and keep traditions and what makes us, 'us' in a time of Globalisation - how do we square this circle?
  • We are penalising students from getting distracted...but from what?...from 'boring stuff' - how can we make 21st Century learning reflect the world we actually live in today and that engages children - a.k.a the people living in this this world today.
  • Help to grow students who have:
    • The ability to see many possible answers to a question
    • The ability to interpret a question in many different ways
    • Think laterally (De Bono)
    • Divergent thinking
  • All great learning/change/thinking occurs in groups

What were the key ideas that you took away?  Do you agree with what was shared?

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