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Friday, 30 May 2014

Encouraging Teachers to Succeed in Digital Learning Environments

Today, as part of my role as 'Manaiakalani Facilitator,' I attended a Digital Immersion PLG (Professional Learning Group) professional development day with Justine and Seffan as a support person.  Justine and Steffan were challenged to reflect on their successes throughout Term One as teachers new to the digital environment and the feedforward given by the researchers from Auckland University to create goals for Term Two.  As we are encouraging teachers to take on the 'learn', 'create', 'share' ethos of Manaiakalani, we were encouraged to do a bit of creating ourselves!  We were asked to create a How to make a CommonCraft Style Video to share our goals.

It was such a fun experience.  I am definitely going to try this out with the students in my class as a way we can share our learning!

Thanks Justine and Steffan for a fun day of learning, creating and sharing!

Check out the videos below!

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  1. Another PLD day for our wonderful new much to offer our school. Well done on the DLOs...great ideas that can be used right throughout the school. Well Done guys!