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Monday, 21 July 2014

'Learn/Create/Share' Saves the Day!

On the last week of the term, we had our Arts block.  However, our music teacher was not able to come in and we were short on staff.  Usually I am either on release during this time, or I support the Kapa Haka group.  This time, I was asked to take music!  Panic - I love music and have participated throughout my life in things such as musicals and choirs, and I play the guitar and piano (VERY basic skills) but I had never TAUGHT music!

So, I walk into the music room (for basically the first time in my life here at Tamaki Primary) with 2 minutes to spare before the children arrived into the classroom.  I glance around and spot the 'Rhythm Family' and am transported back in time to a lesson I observed casually in practicum days in the past.

Then... Learn, Create, Share came to mind.

I decided then, that we would LEARN some of the rhythm family.  That I would then get students to collaborate in groups/pairs to CREATE their own compositions using body percussion (phew!  No need to get the scary instruments out!), and then we would SHARE our compositions.

I had so much fun and the lesson went so smoothly!  Students were proud to share their compositions and felt very fancy when I declared they were all composers of music now.

Without the Learn, Create, Share ethos that I has now become so embedded in my practice, I think I would have been in an even bigger panic.  It was so cool to see how this cycle really can relate to all learning areas.   

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