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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Metacognitive Thinking: Student Illustration

I have a particularly prolific blogger in my class this year.  He is a student who achieves high levels across the curriculum and his blog is very enjoyable to follow - beyond the role of a teacher.  He shows deep and thoughtful reflection towards his learning and likes to share his thinking through his blog.

It is moments like these that truly make teaching the best job in the world.

My own challenge is to explore - what makes Willy such a reflective learner who shows great metacognitive skills?  How can I encourage others in my class to think like him?  How can I engage other students into blogging as a form of personal learning?  Thank you Willy for challenging me to take my thinking about teaching further!

I will let Willy take it from here...

Hello, Blog!

This is my first Movenote presentation I ever made. It shares my feelings and thoughts towards blogging. The video and the presentation are separated into different parts, so try to keep up with the presentation with the video. I hope that made sense.

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