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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

MIT Update 2 - Malie, Tevita!

One student who is really picking up on the inclusiveness of languages in the classroom is Tevita.  As in my earlier post, he is personally choosing to complete his work in both English and Tongan.  From his most recent task posted below,  he has again chosen to complete his Reading follow up task in both languages, I also notice that he can use capital letters consistently, no matter the language, which is very cool and lead me to the realisation that...

Key point:  I don't have to speak Tongan or be able to write in Tongan to notice certain surface features.  A monolingual teacher can notice the strengths of bilingual students with the right lenses on!

Update on my research...  I am going to try and use one of my release days this term to meet with Rae Si'ilata who was an amazing past lecturer in my TESSOL paper and who also featured in this Month's Listener Magazine in an article about the importance of vocabulary and language acquisition.  

I have also tried including different languages in other areas such as  Maths, in which I am using Maori numbers as a basis of my place value lessons.  I am also aiming to use Tongan number counting with my target group.


  1. Your key point is very true and very insightful Kyla. This is an exciting inquiry to follow!

    1. Thank you, Robyn! I sometimes feel like it's such a big thing to inquire about...but I'm trying to simplify my thinking and celebrate the little achievements we're making.