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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

MIT Update 8 - This is the WHAT

The hardest thing about this inquiry for me has been explaining it in a way that makes sense to myself and others.

This reflective video might help to simplify what I am doing in the classroom.  Hopefully this will look do-able and spark ideas for your own lessons aimed at weaving together the bilingual space with the digital space.

The basis of my inquiry can be summarised in this graphic:

Click here for full google presentation

And this latest video might help to put this slide into context...

If you have been following my inquiry, I hope this post is helpful for you in understanding what it looks like in the classroom - backed up by all my Tame Iti obsession and talk which is the reasoning of why I am trying to do it.

Next week I am attending the Edventure held at Unitec about the acquisition of Te Reo Maori in a digital space.  I am really looking forward to that, and will definitely blog about my key learnings.

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