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Monday, 31 August 2015

I started from scratch...

As part of our Practicing Peaceful Play, we have been designing and sharing games.  Up until this week, we have been making offline, face to face games.  This week, I wanted to venture into online gaming.  Of course, before I can teach it to the students, I had to have some idea of the process...What better way to bring in my learning from OMGTech!

I really look forward to seeing what the students come up with over the next two weeks.  Already I can see those who get frustrated easily and those who persevere to find and fix their programming instructions.  One thing that is common - they are all very engaged.

This is my very first complete game.  I created it all on Scratch - a free online game creating website!  Can you make it through the Monkey Maze?


  1. Yes I made it!!!! I don't know about attempting my own but I can't wait to see what Room 9 come up with!

  2. Excellent! It was fun!!! I too can't wait to see what room 9 come up with.:-)