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Thursday, 13 August 2015

MIT Update 10 - Example Lesson

This is a quick post about another example of translanguaging I have tried.  The setting was Reading.  Students needed to read a Tongan text and make connections to the text to infer what was happening in the pictures.

Students were required to complete a Venn diagram to compare after school life in New Zealand to that of rural Tonga.  We noticed some things that were similar and some things that were very different and the reasons behind these statements.  The Venn diagram was completed in English.

I have asked students to complete two more tasks related to this text, one being writing an imaginative recount in the shoes of one of these students.  I hope that when completing this, they use some of the key tongan language phrases that we learned/discussed while reading this today.

This text was very simple and prompted a lot of discussion.  I did not need any prior translating of the text before teaching, so this could be an ideal text for any teacher wanting to begin this journey, or a teacher who has a student new from Tonga and who needs support from texts written in their first language.

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