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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

MIT Update 11 - The Manaiakalani Hui 2015

Wow, so a lot of my work so far had lead me up to last Friday, where I spoke at the Panmure Yacht Club for the 2015 Manaiakalani Hui.

I had never been so nervous in my entire life.  I was shaking and hyperventilating.  Usually I am really comfortable in public speaking situations - but I realised it was because I was in a roomful of peers that I respect greatly and who I actually knew and whose opinions of my practice mattered to me hugely.

So in front of my nearest and dearest peers... I presented my inquiry up to date.  You can watch it here!


Next steps for me to work on before ULearn include:

  • Shortening my speaking time!  I took up 20 minutes at the hui, when I was meant to only speak for 10!  I have identified slides in my presentation that I can take out, and will work with peers to try and refine my explanations.  
  • Collect some whanau voice from the parents of my target group.
  • Continue to build on the existing resource bank of examples I have.
  • Continue to build expertise about this subject through professional readings and talking to others who are experts in this field.  I'd like to meet with Rae Si'ilata again before ULearn, to go through what I think is best practice VS. what she believes is best practice!
  • Collect data (this will happen at the end of the year!) on students to see if there has been academic shifts/accelerated shifts in their learning.
Overall, I was glad to share what I've been working on this year with others.  I still believe in my inquiry and still believe it is valuable and can contribute towards raising the literacy achievement of bilingual students in my class.

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  1. You did a wonderful job in presenting Kyla and on a topic which is so important but so undervalued in the classroom. Your presentation really got minds ticking over and teachers making connections, and 'lights' came on throughout the room. Ka pai, Malo 'aupito, Lelei tele!!!!