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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Yes I'm Alive, and I'm in NSW, Australia!

Only for three weeks though!

I have been contracted to come here and facilitate with a cluster of catholic schools here in NSW from Armidale, to Glen Innes, to Moree and many other wonderful rural towns of the region.

I will blog a little more in depth about my journey here but just wanted to come online to share a resource I made this evening while sitting alone in my motel room (travelling seems so glamorous until you're sitting alone in a room eating a half packet of popcorn with clothes strewn everywhere).

This has been a key concern for the teachers I've been working with and I just didn't feel like I could give concise answers or guidance - so I attempted to put it all in this Google Slides presentation.  I feel like this is something that can be shared, printed and posted up around a school/staffroom/office area for teachers new to Google Drive.

It is almost the end of my first week here.  The lovely teachers of St Joseph's School in Glen Innes took me out to a delicious dinner in the town centre this evening and they have gone from strength to strength in my short time here.  I will post more as I move around other schools and learn about strategies for facilitating, setting up digital immersion classrooms, lesson ideas and anything else that comes up!

Here is the resource I made, with a puku full of delicious grilled veges and parmesan cheese sauce.  YUM!