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Friday, 19 May 2017

Participating in the Pacific Teacher Aides Project 2017

Over Terms 1 and 2 I have been participating as a facilitator in the Pacific Teacher Aides Project (PTAP), which is a project headed by Rae Si'ilata that aims to empower teacher aides working with emergent bilingual students.  One of my dearest mentors!  Unfortunately due to sickness I missed workshop one, but I wanted to share key learnings from workshop 2 and 3.

Workshop Two:  Questioning

The best thing about teaching/facilitating other educators, is that you get to reflect on and relearn teaching strategies you may have forgotten from the past.  In this case it was the three level guide.  So simple, yet SO effective and something I've brought back into my planning and classroom.  It relates well to the SOLO taxonomy as it moves from on the lines (Unistructural/Multistructural) to between the lines (Relational) to beyond the lines (Extended Abstract) - deepening students thinking and the links they can make from their learning to their lives.

An example of this would be after reading How Maui Slowed the Sun:

Level One:  On the lines - answers can be found straight from the text.
Why did Maui want to slow down the sun?
To make the days longer.  

Level Two:  Between the lines - answers require inferencing.
What kind of person do you think Maui is?
Answers may differ:  brave, innovative, proactive

Level Three:  Beyond the lines - answers require thinking about the wider world.
What are the attributes of a good problem solver?
Determined, willing to take a risk, cooperative, leadership, thinking outside the box.

Workshop Three:  Scaffolding

The greatest thing from this workshop was this framework for scaffolding:

Again... things that you KNOW is good teaching, but perhaps through the craziness that is the daily timetable, put aside or through the pressure that you put onto yourself into doing more - I know that's my experience.  But this simple lesson flow is so empowering.  I took this back to my class the next day and put it into practice - and it was my best writing lesson all year!  I am going to put it into its own blog post so this one isn't too long.

Workshop 4 is coming up later next month, in the meantime I am visiting schools and observing the teacher aides who have been taking part.  I am excited to get into other schools for a nosey, and continuing to support these wonderful teacher aides!  

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