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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Cultural Visibility Online - Bilingual Buddy Blogging

I like having visitors in my class because I like making connections with other like minded teachers or teachers who are feeling my struggle!  In the last round of Manaiakalani visitors, I was blessed to meet Katie Nisbett, a teacher in a bilingual setting at Grey Main School in Greymouth.

Here is Katie's Class Site
Here is Katies Class Blog

It was only a short time we got to speak to each other but we knew what our challenges were and we were relieved to find someone else trying to achieve similar goals - raising student achievement for Māori learners through increased cultural visibility in the classroom, curriculum delivery and - for us, being in digital immersion classrooms, cultural visibility in the digital space as well.

We have started very simply this week by asking our students to write comments to each other in Te Reo Māori and in English.

The hunch or hypothesis is that students will be further engaged into their blogging with their authentic audience growing, that they will see others using Te Reo and see it's relevance of use in the outside world beyond the classroom.

Here are some examples of our starting comments but we hope to build on our reo and comments soon!


  1. Kia ora e Kyla, I like the way that you are using blogging to encourage students to engage online using Te Reo Maori. Beyond the engagement, is enhancing social norms which I think is a positive step for reinforcing with tauira, that it’s cool to korero, kanohi ki te kanohi, and online too. Tau ke e hoa, keep up the great work!

    1. Kia ora, e hoa! Ae...he roa te huarahi kei te haere, engari, he timatanga tēnei! Thanks for your comment.