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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Matariki - The best context for learning!

It's Matariki!  I've basically integrated the whole curriculum at the moment and am finding it really enjoyable to teach.  I think the students are finding it enjoyable to learn about because in true Year 7 and 8 style, they love learning anything about themselves, reflecting on themselves, paying tribute to their own whānau and just making everything about themselves, basically!

I am going to share a few key resources I have used so far in the last couple of weeks and ways we have integrated learning about Matariki into our bicultural learning space...


  • Many school journals have stories or articles about Matariki.  Use the Journal surf search website to find them!
  • I have just used 'The Seven Stars of Matariki' article from this pack that I bought off teachers-pay-teachers. 
  • We participated in a community planting day.  Here is a movie about our experience.
    • This could be followed up with many activities:  recount writing, 5 senses poetry, description writing.
    • We followed it up with this reflection task based on the SOLO taxonomy.
  • Learning songs:
    • A song I wrote myself on my course last year - I will post a video!
    • The Matariki Macarena song.
    • Atua Māori waiata - which is also a karakia.
  • This goal setting task with connections to the natural world.
  • Students are currently writing their own Matariki creation narrative legends.
  • Kūmara chips:
    • We baked kūmara chips as part of our healthy eating inquiry and a mini Matariki feast, and then students completed this follow up task.
  • Another Reading task with links to a journal story and follow up questions.  It also encourages students to visit the Matariki events website (to find out what's going on around Tāmaki Makaurau!) and then students were encouraged to plan our own Matariki celebration week (which I will actually use in my planning next term because their ideas were pretty good!).
Feel free to use anything that I have created and linked in this blog post.  I will post up more as I complete the tasks!

Sometimes you can find things easily online, sometimes you have to adapt and sometimes you have to create from scratch!  BUT there will not be enough digital content if we don't make it.

Hari Matariki, koutou!  Kia pai tō tau hou!

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