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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Pasifika Teacher Aide Project - Workshop 4

The last workshop for the year for this South Auckland cluster!

It was our last workshop for our cluster of South Auckland schools on Friday.  The focus of the workshop was Metacognition and vocabulary building for emergent bilingual students.  Promoting equitable outcomes for Pasifika and Māori students is a key area of interest to me and participating in this project as a facilitator has been an amazing experience for me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting with three great minds in education:  Rae Si'ilata - the creator of the project, Joanna Tui-Samoa - a Year 7 and 8 teacher from the Waikato region and Deborah Meafua-Siafolau - an RTLB for Ngā Manu Aroha Cluster in South Auckland.

I have also enjoyed meeting all of the enthusiastic and dedicated teacher aides and their co-ordinating teachers, who have participated in this project and getting out into many different schools to observe them in action.

Mostly, I have enjoyed being an advocate for bilingual education strategies, cultural visibility in the classroom, speaking about something I am passionate about and giving others practical strategies that they can try in the classroom.

Thanks to Rae for the opportunity to participate in this project as a facilitator and my principal Rhonda for allowing me to have the time out of school to participate in the project.

I am looking forward to visiting my last two schools this week and graduation for our amazing teacher aides on the 23rd!

I greatly suggest if you are in a school with a high percent (or low...or any school actually!) of Pasifika students that you get in touch with Rae or Lynda  for more information.  It is a well structured, organised and FUN set of workshops!

L-R:  Deborah Meafua-Siafolau, Joanna Tui-Samoa, Rae Si'ilata and myself!

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