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Sunday, 30 July 2017

CoL Checkpoint - My Inquiry Summary as at 27th July

At our last CoL meeting, we were asked to complete this analysis of our inquiry.  It was a great opportunity to step back and simplify the whole process up until this point.

I wanted to blog this as an inquiry summary for anyone interested in reading a quick overview of my inquiry so far...before deciding if the rest of my blog might be worth trawling through!

So here it is!


  1. I have this to be an invaluable read, and really made me think about what I can do for not just my Maori Learners, but my other learners to. I try to do as many experiences as I can in school, but it would be fantastic to do more out of school. I also find you want to do so much, but can always fit what you want in. I can see in your blogs that you want you Maori Leaners to achieve the best they can, and you have really thought about how you are and can do this.

  2. Many teachers feel the pressures of an already loaded curriculum and would see this as an add on to their practice. What you have shown and brought to the forefront through your study is how the integration of cultural responsiveness is not an add on but an integral part of best practice. Your message of not trying to build Rome in a day applies so strongly as some teachers begin applying things too quickly and give up because of initial difficulties, guising it as failure and not worth persisting with. Research shows a deficit in Maori achievement and has indicated that Maori achieving success as Maori is key to progress moving forward. You are doing great work at Tamaki and across the Manaiakalani CoL. I look forward to us all reaping the benefits of your findings.