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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

End of T2 Data - Setting T3 Goals - CoL checkpoint T3

Last term, we had a great data discussion as a syndicate to analyse the T2 June data, compare it to that of 2016 and identify target students.  As I am working towards Manaiakalani Goal 1:

"Raise Māori student achievement through the development of cultural visibility and responsive practices across the pathway as measured against National Standards and agreed targets for reading Years 1-10 and NCEA years 11-13"

And my whole class is made up of Māori learners, it is a gift and curse I get to analyse the data of an entire class and set goals for all of my students!  Although the Manaiakalani goal I am working towards focuses on Reading, I am focusing on all learning areas this year with my targeted class of Māori learners.  From this data, we identified who had made no shift from June to June, who had dropped back and who has made shifts up the National Standard levels.

From this data we were able to find focus in our teaching and it was the catalyst for some new activity ideas.

One major change has been to move Maths time to the morning block - meaning we would have 2 hours of Maths (like a double period?).  Literacy would be integrated across the curriculum for the remainder of the day through inquiry, reading, writing, science, art, etc.

The Kia Manawanui teacher aide, Kelly and I have worked closely to develop set times for target students so they're almost getting double teacher time, which is also very exciting.

It's great to be in a team that is flexible and bold enough to make these changes mid year.  So far (day 2!) students are enjoying the changes.  This is why Term 3 is my favourite!  We get to just get stuck in and do the teaching and learning!

Here is a screencast where I talk through a bit of my data and describe some things we are putting in place...enjoy!

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